[Currently Reading] Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks

Source: Goodreads

Hey Guys 🙂
Sooo for my first post on this new baby I chose to tell you what I am currently reading, because books will be a pretty big part here.

A week or so ago I didn’t really know what I should read next, so I did what I always do in such a situation. I look at Amazon or Goodreads for similar books to the ones I have already read  ;P
This can be very helpful. This time I came across a book that was recommended to me several times but I always thought I wasn´t interested in. But I kind of was in the mood for something that has action and romance in it. And I thought I just try it. The name of this book was “The Darkest Hour” by Maya Banks. The description sounded
not soooo appealing to me the first three times I read it, but this time I look at a few of the reviews and then was convinced to at least give it a chance. I really love books that are about a bigger family or a group of friends and where each book is about a new character. The KGI-Series features a family run business that is specialised in hostage recovery, military operations and all this stuff. Yeah the book was on my e-book reader in a matter of seconds and I started reading. I really enjoyed this one! The romance was right, the action was exciting, the intimate scenes were exactly how I like them and the story was gripping. The book was not perfect, but it was a really enjoyable read that could very well entertain me and so I read the first three novels in a matter of days. And now I am in the middle of the fourth book and am as excited and thrilled as with the rest. Thank god there are at least 10 books in this series! If you want to know more about these books check it out on Goodreads.

If you also like book series with family or bigger group of friends than I can recommend the Rosemary Beach Series and the Sea Breeze Series by Abbi Glines, the On Dublin Street Series by Samantha Young or the Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds!


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