Why One Tree Hill my favourite TV Show is…


I am sure that many of you know the TV Show One Tree Hill (and if you don’t, stop reading and go watch it..NOW). I am a huuuuuge fan of TV Shows and are very fast addicted to certain ones. So as I started to watch OTH I was hooked from the beginning! I actually dindn´t know this series until a few years back. It has 9 season and was from 2003-2012 on TV. I want to tell you in this post WHY I love that show so much.

lucas quote

1. The Story

The show follows two half brothers and their friends during their highschool years and in the later seasons their early adult life. This might not sound very thrilling, but it actually is! The characters have to overcome everyday-problems about love, family, school and friends, but sometimes they have to face really tough situations and problems. I loved that the show could surprise and shock me season after season! Every time some major problem was solved the next one came around. There were so many moments I had to cry because OTH can be very very sad (yeah it´s a teenage drama series..no surprise ;)), but there are so much more happy moments. Moments where you just wish you were part of this world to just feel what they feel!


2. The Characters

The Characters are the most important part of a show, if you can´t relate with them or even don´t like, why would someone want to watch it then. As in every movie/show there are characters we love and some that we hate or just dont like. I really do like most of the main characters in OTH!
My favourites are Haley James Scott and Brook Davis!

Haley is Lucas´ (one of the two brothers) best friend from the beginning on. She is the typically nerd. She has (sometimes) really weird clothes on (at least in the first few seasons), she is sooo smart and is tutoring at their highschool. But she is also so damn beautiful and a really good person. I would kill for a friend like Haley. She is always there for her friends no matter what. She tries to be fair with everyone and tries to make everyone better. –Small spoiler here– during season one she falls in love with Nathan (the other brother…the bad one of the two xD). And let me tell you the love story of these two is nothing like you have seen it before! Nathan is a real a**hole at first, but Haley gives him a reason to change. They have their ups and downs during the series…real bad downs..but they overcome it always and stay true to their love. This two are one main reason I fell so in love with this series!

haley quote

Brook is also one of my absolute favourite tv show characters of all time! She is the popular one at school, she is captain of the cheerleaders and every girl wants to be like her. At frist I thought she is the typically b*tch and shallow and I dind´t like her ar first. But you learn to appreciate and lover her during the whole series! You learn to understand why she acts like she does and you just have to love her! She, like all the other characters, has to deal with a lot of pain and betrayal (e.g. from her best friend), but it is so great to see how she changes and tries to be trustful. I really loved brook from season 5 onwards! Before I liked her very much, but from season five till the end you just see what the problems in the earlier season have done to her. She grows to a remarkable woman, she too is so beautiful and smart and good-hearted!

brook quote

Other characters worth mentioning are Karen, she is Lucas´s mom and she is one of the strongest characters in this show! She has not an easy life in this city, but she makes the very best of it.
Keith, he is Lucas´s uncle, is always the good one. He tries to make up for the mistakes of his brother (the character who everyone hates xD)
Yeah, than there is Lucas himself. He is actually the main character..at first..yeah I like him, but he is to philosophical and thoughtful for me xD
Mouth, Skills, Quinn, Clay and Millie are also characters I love!

Sooo but what´s with the characters I don´t like? Here they are 😉
First of all I have to say I DON´T LIKE PEYTON! Peyton Sawyer is Brook´s best friend and the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Lucas. At first I kind of liked her. She kind of is a loner, at least she thinks she is one, but actually she is not. She is the best friend of the most popular girl at school, she was the girlfriend of the basketball star (Nathan) and so and so on… Yeah Peyton is difficult, I just don´t find another word for her. She has sooo much drama throughout the series. I mean I looooove drama and I love the drama of the other characters, but Peyton is too much! She loves Lucas, she dosen´t, she want to be with him, she can´t…blablabla! I just don´t like her!
Then there is of course Dan Scott. The villain of the series. I hate him! He is Lucas´ and Nathan´s fahter and he screws up so much in this series. He is just mean and ahhhh…!! But I have to say he changes during the later seasons..a bit..but still I hate him.


3. The Emotions

The story comes along with biiig emotions! Be prepared, if you want to watch this series you have to expect some big emotions! I mentioned it before, there are sad moments..eally sad ones where you have to cry like a baby! But there are also the happy ones and the cheesy ones and the funny ones (they are the best :D), but there are also the shocking ones! Just be prepared 😉

4. The Music

One thing worth mentioning is of course the music! It has such a great soundtrack! The theme song alone is soo good! It´s “I don´t want to be” by Gavin DeGraw. It suits the story perfect! Throughout the show we get to hear much more from Gavin DeGraw, but also from Switchfoot, Fall out Boy, Tyler Hilton and many many more! The irony with Tyler Hilton is soo great, he is the actor of Chris Keller (he brings trouble into Haley and Nathans relationship) and one of his song is played at some greeeeat Naley scenes 😉
I put some of my favourite songs into a playlist, so can check it out 🙂

Sooo now that I have talked you to death with my One Tree Hill obsession, I just want to list a few of my favourite episodes.

Season 1 Episode 08 – “The Search For Something More” (Naleys first kiss)
Season 3 Episode 13 – ” The Wind That Blew My Heart Away” (another great Naley moment!)
Season 3 Episode 16 – “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept” (one of the saddest of all!)
Season 4 Episode 21 – “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone” (last one of S. 4; Highschool is over, a very funny and emotional Episode)
Season 7 Episode 22 – “Almost Everything I Wish I´d Said The Last Time I Saw You” (last one of S. 7; after a rough time all is well again..almost)
Season 8 Episode 11,12,13 –> starts with a really bad storm and a shock; than an episode like Hangover (Brooks bachelorette Party xD) and finally Brook´s wedding 😀
Season 9 Episode 13 – “One Tree Hill” (it´s the last one..it´s a very very good ending!)

There are so much more good episodes! In generall I like the later seasons (5-9) a bit more, but it is such a good show. Do you know One Tree Hill? Tell me who your favourite character is, your favourite song or episode 🙂


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