I just wanted to buy some shoes, but…

…but it didn´t end like I expected.

Yesterday I went to a shopping centre with my mom because they had special prices. I actually wanted to buy some summer clothes and shoes. So we went to all the shops we wanted to check out and got some of the stuff we had planed to buy. Then at this one shoe store I saw really nice espandrille-like shoes. They were really beautiful and fit perfectly to this one jeans I just bought, but they just didn´t want to fit my feet. And the dilemma was they were NOT available in the next smaller size. So we left the store again. But the rest of the trip I thought about these shoes and wanted to have them.
On our way back we came across the store again and I went in to buy the shoes in the size that didn´t perfectly, but of course they weren´t there anymore and then I was in a really bad mood, I´m sure you all know this feeling 😉

But the real fatal thing came next. 2xJohnGreen,Fitzpartick
We had one last stop on our tour and next to this store my mom wanted to go was the bookstore. And like always I just can´t go by a bookstore and NOT go inside. With my bad mood that was not a really good choice for my bank account. I ended up buying THREE books. That might not sound very much, but as a book-addict it is much if you buy something nearly everytime you´re in a bookstore.
But my bad mood vanished as soon as I held these babys in my arms ;P so at alst it wasn´t all bad 😉


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