Let´s try it

I recently bought a Canon EOS 450D camera.
A while ago I started to think about buying a good camera to just try out photography. But somehow I let that thought go, but a week ago it came to my mind again and I couldn´t stop thinking about it. especially now that I have this new blog and I alwaycams like to look at nice, beautiful pictures. So I started to look for a used one that isn´t too expensive. I didn´t want to buy the camera new, what if I don´t like it in the end or I am just untalented? So I found this canon online and bought it.

You guys have to endure my new-found hobby xD I hope you don´t mind it too much ;P
I want to participate at the Blogging U course Photo101 and I want to start at monday and if I go trough with it there will be a photo every day for three weeks 😉
So..be prepared 😀

I tried the cam today, I just want to show you a few pictures I´ve taken so far 🙂


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