Photography 101: Home

Hey Guys 🙂

This will be my first post for the course “Photo 101”.
I will be (or I at least try xD) posting a photo every day for three weeks.

The first theme is “Home” and here is my picture:

I made it with my Canon 450D.
Like suggested I played a bit around with my new camera, but I have to say it is really much you can do with it and I need definitely time to understand it all. In this picture you can see a bit of our garden, so it´s not our house we live in, but it´s a garden hut (if this word does´t exist in english I am sorry xD I just don´t know how I should call it :P). I tried to make a picture of our house, but I liked this one more. I like how the sun is shining on it and the shadows of the trees.

Ok I think my duty is done for today, let´s see what I make of this project 🙂



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