Photography 101: Water

Todays theme is “Water” and we should consider whether the photo looks better horizontal or vertical.
I have to apologize, because today I am cheating a bit. The picture I am using for water is not really from today. It was taken in the beginning of April at my trip to Malta. I chose this one because I just love the ocean. And I live nowhere near the ocean or a lake or something awesome like that. I couldn´t come up with a better one, so I am sorry 😉 I try not to cheat any more, please don´t be angry with me 😛

And heeeere is the picture:

I took it with my smartphone and wanted to catch the wave! And I am very happy that I caught it like this. It was a real windy day, but it was so awesome to walk around the cliffy coast and smell the sea. I always feel happy when I am at the beach or anywhere else on the sea.
I think the picture would have looked better if it where horizontally, because it would have shown more of the surroundings, but I had to be quick 😛

What do you think about it? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Photography 101: Water

  1. I continue to be astonished by the quality of the photos taken with phones. Course I remember when our phones had dials and we were on a ‘party line.’
    Excellent photos and what a beautiful and interesting site you have crated.


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