[Currently Reading] Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Source: macmillan.com
Source: macmillan.com

I have a bit of a problem sticking with a book right now. I start with a book that sounds reeeeally good, but after a few pages I close it again and start with another one..and so on and so on. It is terrible! I want to read, I really do! But sometimes I just can´t get into it.
Buuuut..two days ago I was looking at my shelf and saw “Scarlet” (I actually read the german version, but I am writing a blog in english..so I just use the english title xD but the next book in this series I am going to read in english!). I read “Cinder” nearly a year ago..ONE YEAR. I am sooooo bad xD I loooved “Cinder” and bought book  number 2 right after reading it, but never picked it up..I am sure many of you book nerds know that feeling 😀 So yeah, as my gaze swept over my shelf it got stuck on “Scarlet” and I suddenly had the urge to pick it up and read it immediately. And thank god I dind´t I looooove it 😀 I am almost halfway trough and it is as good as number 1!
Now I know why I waited 😛
With the next one -“Cress”, I plan to read it right after I have finished Scarlet 🙂

Do you know that feeling I just described? What are you doing when you just can´t concentrate on reading, but want it so bad?
Do you know “The Lunar Chronicles? 🙂



3 thoughts on “[Currently Reading] Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

  1. I do indeed know the Lunar Chronicles. I love [i]Cinder[/i] and [i]Scarlet[/i]. I struggled with [i]Cress[/i]. She released a book back in January? February? From the perspective of the Lunar queen (gosh, I cannot think of her name). And I’m really looking forward to the next book as well.


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