Erasing a lack of education by watching “The Sound of Music”

Yesterday I watched for the first time “The Sound of Music”. I really don´t understand that phenomena, that this reeeeeeally famous and well-known movie that is set in Austria is very much unknown here in Austria. I just learned about this movie through american movies or tv shows, and I didn´t even know for a long time that it takes place in Salzburg, which is very sad. A few days ago in a lecture at university we came to speak about this movie (it was a Cultural Studies lecture from the english department)  and the professor was like ” I don´t have to tell you the story…you all know it….nooo wait you guys don´t know it, your from Austria”. And that reminded me of this movie who was on my “to-watch-list” for a while, so a friend of mine lend it to me and I watched it!

So what did I think about the movie? I actually liked it. I mean, not that I expected not to like it, but I don´t know..I am always a bit afraid that I don´t like older movies, because they are too old (does that make sense?). But it was a real surprise! I watched it with my mom together and she wanted to see it in german (the synchronization was terrible xD) and yeah…the songs were also in german and so it kind of did´t feel like the ultimate Sound of Music experience. But I am going to watch it in english too!! The story was really nice and very very funny at times! The Captain was hilarious at first, when he would whistle for his kids to introduce themselves…it was great! Or the scene where he comes back with the baroness and the kids are hanging in the much for discipline 😀

That was also a great scene!

I can´t say that much about the songs..the german versions were´t that good! But “Do Re Mi” for example had a pretty great “translation” and was very nice, and also that song during the thunder storm..that was also a cute scene!! The second part of the movie was sometimes a bit boring, and the end was too fast. I mean the movie is long, really long..but I don´t know, the mood kind of changed from happy singing to flight too fast. But all in all I rally enjoyed it! And another nice thing is, that they show much of Salzburg 🙂 does anyone know if they made the movie actually in Salzburg or was it just a set?

I am happy that I erased that lack of education 😛 and I am going to watch it again sometime! Maybe I can spread the news a bit, that there is a great movie set in Austria out there! I am sure YOU have seen it..did you like it? Tell me!



12 thoughts on “Erasing a lack of education by watching “The Sound of Music”

  1. Part of the film is Salzburg, but the von Trapp house is definitely a set. You should watch the English one. I also have a review of this film on my blog, if you are interested in opposing views. Great job, nice read you have here! I can tell that musicals might not be your cup of tea, but if you are interested in more movie musicals I can offer some suggestions!


      1. Maybe it’s just how I interpreted the first paragraph… It’s fine. 🙂 If you’re looking into movie musicals, I can suggest Cabaret and Mary Poppins. These are two of my favorites. Disney musicals are also worth watching (if you have not grown up with them).

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      2. I totally love mary poppins 🙂 but I have never seen cabaret..thanks!
        Because Mary Poppins is a very popular movie and nearly everyone knows it and it also is with Julie Andrews I really don’t get that thing with Sound of Music being so unknown in Austria..did that sentence make sense? XD

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      3. Yeah it does. 🙂 Tell me if you have problems navigating to find the review, because it is in the archives from a while ago. I hope it is easy to find, though.


  2. Some of the film is filmed in Salzburg, but some scenes were also filmed in LA. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it, you’ve made me want to watch it again now, I haven’t seen it in years!


  3. The Sound of Music is awesome! It was funny because when I went to Austria with some German friends and my husband last year, I ask “wasn’t The Sound of Music filmed in Austria” and I got not one, not two, but three blank stares. Not one of them (even my husband who is American!) had seen it! Since then, he has seen it, but I can’t speak for the other two. I love this movie and Julie Andrews just makes it even better! 🙂

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