A little glimpse at my life as a student..

Good Afternoon people 🙂

Today was a pretty exhausting day..it was the last day of the second semester in university and I had three exams. I was really nervous about them because it was really much to study..for all three. I didn´t have any clue (at 2/3 exams) how the professors would ask the questions and I was really afraid of two of them. The first one was sadly not so good. I really loved the course throughout the semester and enjoyed it most of the time. It was about the literature of the renaissance period (Shakespeare etc.) and it was really cool, but the exam questions were really mean in my opinion and I hope I am at least positive!
The second one was about the “Construction and Reconstruction of the USA” and it was really much to learn, but I enjoyed this very much as well. It was so interesting and informative and I had really fun studying it. And thank god, this was the good exam. The questions were not mean at all, the professor let us pretty much room to intepret the question and it went really well (at least I think it did xD).
I was really afraid of the third one. It was a Cultural Studies exam and I really thought I would mess that up. But thank god the questions weren´t as hard as I thought they would be, but still..I am not sure if went that well xD With that one I had most difficulties while studying. I just couldn’t get all these theories and people in my head. We also had to write a short essay here and I was so damn afraid that I wouldn’t know how tu analyse the cultural text, but I think I did pretty good.
I really hope that all three went well. I am a person who wants to have good grades especially if I studied hard. I know it´s not all about grades, but it´s nice to have them  😉

So now the second semester is over and I still love it. I learned really much and found new friends and I am definitely looking forward to the next one. But now I want to enjoy a bit of free time as well 😉



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