Photography workshop and other summer plans

Good morning people (:

My summer holidays have officially started today and I am planning to blog a bit more than I have done so far. But I am pretty busy in July so I hope I can manage it. I am so excited to go on vacation, it´s been so long and I just want to spend some lazy day at the beach reading and enjoying the sun and the sea.

But my vacation time starts in two weeks and I have some other things on my agenda. A few weeks ago I sign up for a photography workshop and it starts today. If you remember I bought a camera about two months ago and was really enthusiastic about it, but I don’t really know anything about photography and cameras. I want to know what I do, so I hope this workshop can help me and I hope I am using my cam more that I have it so far. I am totally going to post some pictures I take during the workshop (:

Other plans for my summer are of course reading (my TBR for the summer), relaxing and I plan on trying a few recipes I found on pinterest. I am going to write a post on this too.

You can check out my pinterest if you want, I really love it because you find ideas and inspiration for everything! And I love to look at this awesome pictures (:


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