A Journey Through Books: Scotland

Hello dear readers 🙂
On the weekend I read a book that was set in Scotland and suddenly I had an Idea. I wanted to write a post about books that are set in Scotland, because I love to travel and I loved our trip to Scotland in 2010 and I love to read books that are set in foreign countries.
I am pretty great fan of Great Britain and Ireland, I love the culture and the countries and the was very impressed by all of it. The love for especially this countries comes..of course from Harry Potter. I fell in love with all the landscapes that were shown in the movies. It became my dream to see them, especially castles..I wanted to go and see every castle that existed in the United Kingdom. Then in 2010 we finally made it. We traveled one week around Ireland and one week around Scotland and it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken! I was stunned!
Sadly I can’t just go to Scotland everyday, so I have to imagine I am there and that I manage to do with books. I love to delve into books that are set somewhere far from my home, and if they are historicals I love it even more.

The first book I want to mention is of course Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Surprise, surprise.. 😛

Source: penguinrandomhouse.com
Source: penguinrandomhouse.com

I had not an easy start with that one. When I heard from it through a Youtube review I thought: OMG I HAAAAVE TO READ IT.
Then..a long time passed and I finally got it on my kindle and started reading. I read half of the book and cast it aside, because it could´t capture me. I was so sad, because I wanted to love it. Theeeen 1 1/2 years later I saw the trailer to the TV-Show and I wanted to watch it…really. But I thought I can not watch it without finishing the book and so I gave it another chance..and read it in a matter of days. I guess it wasn’t the right time when I first started it, but it was so worth it. I loved to read about Jamie and Claire and all their adventures in the Highlands. I loved to imagine their surroundings and when they where at places I visited at my trip, I could imagine everything even better.
Not just the book was great, the show is also. I love that they stayed so close to the story! Sam Heughan is just a perfect Jamie. And I love the scenery very much.
I think everyone who is a fan of Scotland and loves to read about it should give Outlander at least a try. It may be hard to get into it, but it´s just a wonderful book. Sadly I am still stuck with book Nr. 2 (It has over 900 pages :O) but I am progressing 😛 I plan on reading the whole series…eventually 😉

Sometimes I love to hear music while reading and there is of course a soundtrack to this kind of books 😉

Next I want to tell you about a series that I just started and am currently reading the third book. It´s the McCabe Trilogy by Maya Banks.

It´s about three brothers who are struggling to keep their clan alive and have to

Source: penguinrandomhouse.com
Source: penguinrandomhouse.com

fight against traitors. And of course every brother gets his own book and finds the love of his life. Sounds really cheesy right? Yeah…it is really cheesy, but that’s ok…I like cheesy!
Those books are not for everyone. First, it has a lot of sex in it; second, the story is not perfect it can get a bit weak. But it could really entertain me. It was sweet and funny, but at the same time it was shocking and brutal. I really liked all the main characters and the story lines and I have to say the second book in the series had one of the most romantic scenes in it that I read!
These books are perfect for all highland lovers. Sadly it is never mentioned in what year/years the stories take place, but a King Alexander is mentioned and a Kind David so I googled and I think it takes place around 1124..it´s usually not ma favorite time..but I still like it. It´s really cool to read about the life in a clan and how it all worked. I can recommend this series to all of you who have a romantic heart and want something sexy paired with fighting and some hot highlanders 😉

I also love this song very very much!
The last series I want to recommend is one of my all time favorites but it is a contemporary series that is set in Edinburgh.

Source: penguin.co.uk
Source: penguin.co.uk

It´s the On Dublin Street Series by Samantha Young.
I think I already mentioned this one in one of my posts. I love to read about Edinburgh, it made me want to go there again. I hope I can do that sometime. I love all the couples, but especially Jo and Cam from Down London Road. I really enjoyed reading about all the places in Edinburgh and felt like I was right there with all of them. It´s a really beautiful city and compared with all that romantic it was a really lovely read and I  devoured the first 5 books in a week!

For some other ideas of books that are set in Scotland check out some Goodreads list:
Best Highland/Scotland Romance Novels
Books set in Scotland
Best Scottish Fiction

Have you read any of those books? Or other books of Scotland that you can recommend to me?



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