Review: Voyager (Outlander #3) by Diana Gabaldon


First of all I want to say I am so proud of myself! I read this over 1000 pages book in only three weeks! I was kind of afraid that it would take me over a year..again..but I practically flew trough the book.

I was really excited after the ending of Dragonfly in Amber, because it ended with a little cliffhanger (but seriously we weren’t THAT surprised that Jamie was´t dead..were we? ;)) so I had to read on immediately.

I wasn´t really captured at first but as the book and the story develops more and more it got me. I wanted to know when Claire finally goes back in time (because it was out of question for me that she would go back…the series has 8 books! xD) and how she does it. I loved the part where she with the help of Roger and Brianna tries to find out where Jamie is! And parallel to that the parts where we read what Jamie went trough. This man has not an easy life!!
I also loved that, when she finally was back with him, that the action was back as well! So damn much happens in that book and I loved it. It is literally a Voyage, on so many levels!
Gabaldon surprised me in nearly every chapter, some were kind of obvious and some were totally unexpected. The whole book was full of tragedy and bad luck, but also full of adventure and it was so exciting to read it.
At first I thought I wouldn’t like the 20 year older Claire and Jamie, but I didn’t see that much of a difference. I could relate to them as well as when they were younger.
I find it quite sad that they don’t spend as much time in Scotland as in the very first book, but I am sure that they will find their way back some time. And I am quite happy with the place they ended up in this book and am really excited to read on.

As I mentioned in my last post I also listened to the audiobook of Voyager. I switched between reading and listening and that was very nice. I can really recommend the audiobook. Davina Porter reads the story and I am very happy with how she does it, except one small thing..I don’t like how she reads Claire. She makes her sound like a very old Lady. But besides that I enjoyed it and will do this with Drums of Autumn as well, because I think that is why I got trough it so fast (:

I can recommend Voyager to all people who want to read a great historical novel full of action and romantic. But please read at first the other two books in this series. It´s just such a wonderful series to get into!
And all of you who have read the first two books and aren’t sure of reading this one..DO IT! Voyager has great potential of being my favorite book of this series! Go read it! Don’t be afraid of the older Claire and Jamie! Don’t be afraid that this book takes them away from Scotland again! Go read it! Go on a voyage of your own!



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