How my favorite “toy” shaped my life…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.”

Good evening fellow bloggers and readers 🙂

I am a little late for todays blogging101 assignment, I had lectures all day and an was really exhausting, but I signed up for this so I am doing it!

The assignment for today is to make a prompt personal and todays prompt is “Toy Story”. I think the prompt fits my blog pretty good, because I will talk about a book that shaped my life. So it´s not really a toy, but I never really had a favorite least non that I can think of.     I´ll just tell you about this amazing story that fascinated me as an 8 year old girl and still does it.

It was in 2001 when my sister got home from a school trip to the cinema and told us about this great movie she just saw with her class. The name of this movie was “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone”. I didn’t really know Harry Potter at this time, I just knew that everyone was speaking about it, but I thought it wasn’t something for me. But as my sister was so amazed by it, my father took me and my siblings to the cinema to watch it. I have to say I was hooked from second one! The movie charmed me so much that after I left the cinema I had to know all about it. I even started reading the first book, but I was eight and couldn’t read very well, so my mom bought us the Audio CD. And from this point on we spent hours over hours listening to the CDs. I got obsessed with the world of Harry Potter and became a true fan. Every time a new book/CD or movie came out there was this special feeling in the air that united millions of fans over the whole world and I just loved it. When I turned eleven I seriously was disappointed that I didn’t get a letter! I wanted to go to Hogwarts so bad! You ask yourself how a book (or a movie :P) can shape someones life? I tell you..If it weren’t for Harry Potter I may not have the connection to books I have now, if it weren’t for Harry Potter I would not have gone to the school I chose (it was in a small little castle –> MY PERSONAL HOGWARTS :D) if it were´t for that school I wouldn’t have met my best friend and finally if it weren’t for Harry Potter AND the school I chose, I may never have guessed that I wanted to study comparative literature (and english, because I am taking it too next semester :D) and that would have been a shame. I believe that Joanne K. Rowling has shaped me so much with her great story. I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. They were the heroes of my childhood and are still with me. I love reading the books again, or listening to the CDs or watching the movies. It will be a part of me…Always (hahah—HP reference :P).

Have you a book/movie/story or something that shaped in any way then tell me 🙂