Erasing a lack of education by watching “The Sound of Music”

Yesterday I watched for the first time “The Sound of Music”. I really don´t understand that phenomena, that this reeeeeeally famous and well-known movie that is set in Austria is very much unknown here in Austria. I just learned about this movie through american movies or tv shows, and I didn´t even know for a long time that it takes place in Salzburg, which is very sad. A few days ago in a lecture at university we came to speak about this movie (it was a Cultural Studies lecture from the english department)  and the professor was like ” I don´t have to tell you the story…you all know it….nooo wait you guys don´t know it, your from Austria”. And that reminded me of this movie who was on my “to-watch-list” for a while, so a friend of mine lend it to me and I watched it! Continue reading